Healthy Eating Week 2017

BNF healthy eating week logo

Today sees the start of the British Nutrition Foundation Healthy Eating Week 2017. The aim of this week is to get schools, Universities and Businesses really thinking about healthy eating and physical activity, and the benefits that this has for our physical and mental wellbeing.

For each day this week, the BNF has set a different challenge to get the nation on their feet and chowing down on healthy food.

BNF 5 challenge logos

Don’t worry if you missed today’s challenge to “Eat a Healthy Breakfast”, why not give it a go for the rest of the week, and for a bigger challenge aim for a different healthy choice each day.

Tomorrow’s challenge is to eat the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. Why not get some inspiration from the recipes section of this blog; each recipe provides one or two portions. With two sorted for your evening meal why not add a piece of fruit to your breakfast, have a salad with your lunch and a healthy afternoon snack… that’s your 5 portions done!

If you are unsure as to what makes “A portion” Keep an eye out for my next blog post where I will be giving a bit more advice on how to get the most out of your fruits and veggies.

For more information on Health Eating Week, the 5 challenges or for school resources, check out:



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