About Me

Hi! And thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!

First and foremost I love food, but even more than that I love eating food that I know is doing me good. This blog is a place for me to share the healthy, wholesome and family friendly meals that I cook, as well as debunking some of the nutrition advice flying around in the media.

I firmly believe in living a healthy and balanced lifestyle; no fad diets, no banned foods and no expensive inaccessible superfoods. I enjoy takeaways, chocolate and alcohol BUT as a treat around my regular routine…because life is too short to not eat chocolate! I don’t often have the luxury of spare time to spend hours in the kitchen, so the food I cook reflects this without compromising on nutrition and flavour.

Without waffling on, here’s a bit about me…

I graduated from University in 2014 with a BSc Sports Biomedicine and Nutrition. Since then I have been working in the food manufacturing industry as a Nutritionist; working with product developers to create tasty and nutritious foods that meet customer and government requirements. In short, I spend a lot of my time eating food!

When I’m not in a kitchen you’ll most likely find me at the gym getting a sweat on in a spin, yoga or HIIT class. More recently; much to my siblings’ dismay, I have started to dabble in the world of growing my own fruit and vegetables. So I spend a bit of time in the garden channelling my inner Charlie Dimmock, whilst trying to keep some plants alive long enough to enjoy the end result.

Hopefully you decide to stick around and join me on my food and health journey.

Much love

Hannah xx

Footnote: I hate running and mushrooms so if either ever feature on this blog someone call an ambulance because something has gone seriously wrong!